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About Us

Excelhost is a web hosting company that has servers based in the United States of America. It provides affordable but unlimited hosting services to its customers.

Excelhost mainly comes with Softaculous Apps Installer where you can install several apps in your cPanel at the blink of an eye using a one-click app installer. Excelhost also comes with 2 different cPanel themes namely paper_lantern and jupiter. On the other hand, the cPanel comes with a Glass Interface for cutting-edge cPanel navigation instead of old interface.

The spot where Excelhost is very easy to use is that it is just a cPanel Provider in a simple point of view where users can just Google any doubt that they have since Excelhost is a cPanel Hosting Provider! All you pay for is the cPanel Account that comes with Let’s Encrypt Auto-SSL and many other features in just a click at an affordable price!

What are you waiting for? Just hop on and try Excelhost today!